Fractals run in Our Veins!

Fractals in nature reach skin deep within this video. It discusses that nature displays many fractals, even within our anatomy. The video lists off these various examples including: our veins, kidneys, lungs, etc. All of which, having the self-similar (never ending) pattern of a fractal. I admire this video because of its mixture of both biology and mathematics. It actually made me realize the significance behind these patterns and how intricate they are. Also, the idea of how they came to be and the various forms of repetition to create them. The video acknowledges Mandelbrot and how he issues his idea on the limits of mathematics.

One example being the Mandelbrot set, in which brought to life the idea of mathematics many have not seen before. Thus, showing the intricate structure of fractals. I would definitely give this video a watch! It brings to light the many examples of where fractals are alive where we would never think to find them.

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