So, I thought I would continue the concept of an infinite universe with some other mind boggling terminology… dimensions! This video describes the other dimensions and what they entail. They break it down using mathematical terms and how we would perceive different dimensions in our own reality. It’s pretty neat, I think my brain exploded a couple times watching this video. But! It’s very interesting. The video also talks about time and how that in itself is another dimension. Also, why we can not view the other worlds that are ‘around’ us. Or, as mentioned in different planes. It made me think differently about my own perception. How humans can sometimes fixate so heavily on their own world not realizing there are so many others.

Worth a watch!

1 thought on “MIND BLOWN”

  1. Since we have been discussing dimensions in class, I haven’t been able to understand exactly what this 4th dimension would look like in our world. This video did a good job trying to show that. The second half of the video was a good mix of being funny,interesting,confusing and terrifying! Cool video!

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