Frieze Patterns in Real Life

Above is a picture of shelf that I’ve had in my room since I was little, although it doesn’t have rainbow fish on it anymore. The bottom of the shelf where the wave looking things are, theres no vertical symmetry because when you fold the “waves” over they don’t match up to the other one. In fact, they’re the opposite. Horizontal symmetry is not evident either because when you split it horizontally in half it also will not match up exactly because the waves all are oriented counter clockwise. I also don’t see half turn symmetry because if you were to turn this then if would just be backwards and not the same, in the reflection.

One thought on “Frieze Patterns in Real Life”

  1. You’re correct in stating that there’s no horizontal or vertical symmetry, and there’s no half-turn symmetry, either. I see a translational pattern going both ways, though, but that’s all I can see in terms of any kind of pattern. If there was any kind of horizontal reflection, then perhaps there could be a glide reflection, but there’s no reflecting anywhere on the pattern. Still, it’s a beautiful shelf, and really cool to look at!

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