About MATH 444

In MATH 444, Excursions in Quantitative Reasoning students learn to think critically and engage in high-order reasoning, all through problem-based learning.  Rather than viewing the professor as the vessel of all mathematical knowledge, and viewing their role as merely learning that knowledge piece by piece as the class progresses, instead students learn mathematics through an inquiry-based approach.  Piaget (a renowned cognitive developmental theorist), said it best when he said “To know is to construct. To construct is to know.”

Problems involving quantitative reasoning are designed to inspire curiosity and encourage students to formulate and evaluate questions, all the while slowly drawing them into the process of scholarly investigation. In this regard, in addition to traditional mathematics homework, students need to do research outside of class to write posts on this blog and complete a final project and presentation.  We hope you enjoy their work!

MATH 444 is taught by Dr. Donald Plante, lecturer of Mathematics at UNH Manchester.