Wallpaper Patterns

This wallpaper pattern is a PM. If you were to draw a line in the middle fo the points it would create a reflection and it can only go around once.
This wallpaper pattern is a P6M. Because this is just dots it has reflection and rotation.

Exponential Growth – Thomas Malthus

Thomas Malthus wrote a book in 1798, the book explained how if humans had an unlimited amount of resources their population would continue to grow exponentially. But, as their resources decrease, so does their population. As shown below in the graphs, with unlimited resources a “J-shaped” graph is created where the population continues to grow over time. Then, when there is limited amount of resources a “S-shaped” graph is created where the population continues to grow but not as fast as before, then when the population reaches its cap, or runs out of resources for the “new people”, the population starts to level off or plateau.


Voting Tendencies in New Hampshire

For New Hampshire, who people votes on seems to be based on two things, age and where the person has lived during their life. This following charts are based on the “young” population or people who turned eighteen after the year 2008. The “migrant” population is people who have moved to New Hampshire after 2008. Lastly, the “established voters” are people who have lived in New Hampshire in 2008 and 2016.  45% of voters in New Hampshire are “young” voters who are more likely to vote democrat than the 42% of “migrants” or the 41% of “established voters”. Although, the majority (39%) of “established voters” vote republican compared to 38% of “migrant” voters and 33% of “young” voters.

View Taxes

Imagine you’re about to go house shopping for your dream house. Nice two story colonial, three bedroom,  two bathrooms, beautiful cathedral ceilings with and every morning you wake up to see the sun rising over the beautiful Crotched Mountain.  You’ve done the math, you can just barely afford this beautiful family home with a view and you’re just about to sign the papers when your realtor tells you about this not so amazing thing called a view tax. A view tax is a yearly tax added onto property taxes that have a view or  pleasing surrounding landscape. For a man in Oxford, N.H. his beautiful views surrounding his country farm raises his homes value by about seven times. With everyone wanting a “house with a view” this gives towns an incentive to add taxes onto certain properties knowing that people will pay the extra money to have a pleasing view. This causes problems for families and households who want that dream home but are on a tight budget.




The Aesthetically Pleasing View Tax

My Initial Post

The last time I took a math class was my first semester of Junior year of High School so I am not really sure what I remember or not but so far I am pretty confident.