Chaos and Nature

For this weeks post, I was a bit lost for what to post.  So I did some research online and was pretty amazed at what I found and it got me thinking that there is chaos everywhere we go and especially in nature.  There are some patterns in nature.  I was looking up some stuff online about the weather and meteorology use the chaos theory everyday with predicting the weather and different weather patterns.  Which I think is very interesting.

Image result for chaos theory examples in weather     Image result for chaos theory examples in weather

Fractals & Flowers!

As soon as we started talking about fractals in class I immediately thought about something I love, flowers.  I have always had a love for flowers since I was little.  I find them beautiful but interesting.  When you really look at them you see so much.  They are all so unique and different.  There are certain flowers that have a few fractals and then others that have tons! Below are some pictures that I found online that are different shapes and sizes.   When discussing fractals I think of flowers because to me they are easiest to relate to!

Image result for fractals in nature

Fractal In Nature by drlew

Image result for fractals in nature

Math and airplanes!

For my final I am going to be discussing airplanes what math is needed to make them work/fly.  I have always been amazed by planes since I was very little.  My dad has been an aviation mechanic for over 30 years and going to his work to visit him and constantly being surrounded by planes I fell in love with them.  So I thought for my final why not look more into planes and really see the math that is behind planes. It amazes me how a huge object can stay in the air for hours and hours.

Image result for how aircraft fly

There is more to planes than just the engine that can get the plane to fly. There is a lot of math that one needs to know how to get the plane to move, to go up in the air, to stay afloat and so on.

Art and the mathematics behind it!

Before when I would see a piece of art I would just think someone made it and that was that.  Since being in Dr. Plante’s class, I have learned that there is so much math behind many pieces of art and it takes a lot of work.  Now I have become interested in different forms of art and have been doing some research.  I found many different videos online and the one I posted is cool to me just to see the different pictures and to know how many hours it took to make it 3D or whatever it may be.  This art fascinates me.

Math Math Math

Hi all! My name is Ashleigh and this is my first semester here at UNH.  I have always hated math my entire life and honestly did not want to have to take another class.  This is the very first time I can say that I am looking forward to learning math and not dreading it! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester brings.