wallpaper patterns

This is a picture of a wallpaper pattern i found in my bedroom. it was actually rather difficult to find a one of these patterns. this pattern is interesting because it has a bunch of symmetry. the pattern can be flipped 180 degrees and it will still be the same. it also has glide reflections. if you look at the black X it and move down a row and over and it will look the same. when the pattern is reflected it still has the same shape, meaning it has reflective symmetry. According to the chart this pattern is a pmm.

This wallpaper pattern i found is actually a wall. As i was walking past a building i noticed that the brick wall has a very simple wallpaper pattern. The pattern of the bricks can be rotated 180 degrees to look the same. It can also be reflected both vertically and horizontally. The brick pattern can also be shifted either up or down and to the left of right to continue the pattern, this is glide refection symmetry. For this pattern the chart determined that it is also a pmm pattern.

Population Growth

The human population growth has increased dramatically. However, the majority of the expansion has happened more recently then people might expect. Over many years researchers have gathered information about man kind that we then used to develop predictions about where the growth of the population is headed.

When the number of beings in a specific population increases, this is known a population growth. To most people, or at least for me, the term population growth doesn’t mean much. The world seem to be handling the number of people just fine.  But, when you look at just how much the population has really grown, you start to wonder if the world is actually doing well.

Prior to 1804, the human civilization had a fairly sable population. Around that year the population started to climb and it reached the one billion mark. from that point forward the rate of growth has increased incredibly fast.

Graph of human population growth since 1050

Reaching the two billion mark took about 124 year. This is a long time compared to the next 5 billion people that populated over only a span of 84 years, roughly twelve to fifteen years per billion.

Time taken to increase population by one billion 3 01

Now the human population is around 7,714,576,923. That is a staggering number. This number is especially scary knowing that it has been increasing about 80 million a year or almost 1,500,000 each week. However, the rate at which the population grows is about 50% less now then it previously was. Though the rate of growth has slowed, the population is still growing and is projected to continue to increase.


When researchers attempted to calculated the populations trajectory, they took into account what would happen if each family size varied by just half a child. (which doesn’t make sense to me. why calculate half a person, what even is half a person.) The results of this is actually rather major.

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Last Will and Testament

Whats a Last Will and Testament and why do i have to make one?

The Last Will and testament, commonly know as a Will, is a very important piece of documentation that everyone should complete. Passing away Intestate is unfortunate for the family but great for the government. When someone passes that doesn’t have a Will, all their assets that would normally be inherited by friends and family will be sold at an auction and the proceeds given to the local government.

The process of planing your will can be fairly complicated and in some cases require a lawyer but the results are highly beneficial. This process can also be fairly expensive, ranging from 300 to 1200.  When planning your estate you must appoint many different people.

  • beneficiaries
  • executors
  • back up people just in case

These people will then be in charge of all your belongings when you become unfit to handle them yourself. This is why its very important to create a Last will and testament.





Because I am still relatively new to voting I had no idea how math could be used other then to count how many people voted. The concept of a preference ballot really change the way i see voting.

I assumed that voting was just the person with the most votes wins. However this is only one type of voting. This is called a plurality vote. In the case below, the person “E” would be the winner because,that person received that most votes. You can see how this might make a large number of people upset considering he was voted last by everyone else.

With a preference ballot (“A preference ballot is a ballot in which the voter ranks the choices in order of preference.”) the person “B” should be the winner because more people voted highly of them. In each group, “B” wasn’t voted lower then second choice.

For it to be a majority vote, one of the candidates would have to have more then 50% of the votes. I this case it would have to be ≥ 226. I figured that out by adding up the total number of voters, 450, then divided that by two, 225, then added one to make it over 50%. If it were exactly half it would just be a tie and another vote would have to take place.


Preference Ballot Voting

How I Feel About Math

I’ve never enjoyed math, however, I do prefer it over an English or history class. I also found a cool picture of a plant that looks like a fractal.