The Power of Infinity

I’ve pondered my final project for awhile now and after changing my decision multiple times, I’ve landed on doing my project on the history of infinity. I won’t go into my notes on what this topic is due to my presentation explaining that but I will explain why I chose this topic. I’ve always loved the idea of infinity. As a child, I remember being asked what infinity + 1 would equal and thinking for days. Of course, infinity isn’t a real number so it cannot be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided by any real numbers but I remember this as being my first time I spent time on math when I didn’t need to. Infinity was taught to me as such a large and¬†inconceivable number that it fell outside all logic math put together. This amazed me as a child and I’ll be honest, still amazes me today. To think that infinity cannot exist yet is talked about all the time is fascinating to me. I love thinking of infinity as zero’s counterpart in the sense that they are both numbers made outside of complete logic to help explain nothing and everything respectively.

My Father’s Take on Graph Theory

The day after our class I showed my dad the picture of the bridges and explained what the rules were. He sat for twenty minutes, just to express that there could be no way.¬† He had never seen this problem or heard of graph theory. Despite this fact, he had a clever opinion on the bridges. As long as there are an odd number of bridges with each bridge having one way onto the bridge and one way off the bridge, there would need to be five points the bridges connect to, instead of the original four. This is due to one point being the start and the others wrapping around the other four points. I’m not sure if this is one hundred percent true but it was nice to see someone who had never experienced this type of theory put his own take into it.

Why I dislike Plurality

Pertaining to today’s class, I find it humorous that the voting method that the common folk use most often is one that doesn’t follow one of Arrow’s criteria. It makes me think about what we do daily that could be so flawed but hasn’t changed. I personally find the Plurality method to be the worst possible way of finding the winner due to the fact that the candidate could have gotten last in the other preference schedules yet still win. This means that, even if a majority hate the candidate, they could still win just due to the majority spreading out it’s numbers.