Wallpaper Patterns

It was interesting to see all the different kinds of wallpaper patterns in my house and travels. Once I started looking for wallpaper patterns, I couldn’t stop seeing them everywhere I went!
The wallpaper pattern on this scarf can be rotated once. It has no reflections, but it does have a glide reflection. This classifies it as a pg wallpaper pattern.
The wallpaper pattern created by the lattice can be rotated four times. Since it has reflection and the mirror lines meet at 45 degrees, it is a p4m wallpaper pattern.

Purple Invasion

The exponential growth of purple loosestrife, an invasive flower introduced to North America around the 1800’s, is incredible.

Multiplying quickly, purple loosestrife can max the carrying capacity of marshy and pond-like areas in the span of a year. According to Garden Know How, one plant produces approximately half a million seed a year.  Purple loosestrife’s exponential rate of growth is amazing since its seeds have an extremely high germination rate, and it has no real limiting resources.

On a graph, purple loosestrife’s original growth rate would look something like this:

However, over time, the purple loosestrife’s rate of growth peters out, looking more like this:

Though purple loosestrife has no predators, the environment it takes over only has a certain amount of resources. This acts as the limiting factor.

Unfortunately, since its only limiting factors are its environment, chemicals, and people, it continues to run rampant, destroying habitats for many kinds of wildlife.


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No Will?

Dividing inheritance can be tricky.

In addition to what has been discussed in class, sometimes families will decide to use their own methods of distributing the inheritance. Some parents allowed their children pick out what they wanted via birth order. Others have drawn numbers out of a hat to decide who gets to pick what first.

However, this is contingent upon whether or not the parents left a will. So, what happens when there is no will?

According to the website Nolo.com, in New Hampshire, if there is no will the closest relatives will receive the deceased’s property under the “intestate succession” laws.  These laws help determine who receives inheritance depending on how they are related to you and the circumstances.

However, one must survive 120 hours after the deceased family member, or be born and live 120 hours after birth to be eligible to inherit under the intestacy laws (hopefully the family doesn’t resort to greed and primal instincts…).

Ultimately, splitting inheritance is much easier with a will. Taking steps to ensure that possessions are evenly distributed is of vital importance.


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Millennial Voting

The reign of the largest voting group, the baby boomers,  was overthrown by the infamous millennials in 2018. According to CNN’s article, “Millennials to pass baby boomers as largest voter-eligible age group, and what it means”, the baby boomer’s voting dynasty existed for four decades.

However, the CNN article stated that the millennials, though superior in numbers, were not as inclined to vote as the baby boomers as of 2017. FactTank backed up this claim, saying that baby boomers tended to vote more than millennials at the same age.

Source: FactTank

Before the 2018 midterm elections, it was projected by USA Today’s poll that only 31% of millennials were planning on voting. The article stated that the remainder felt uncertain whether they would vote, or were too uninformed.

Ultimately, there seemed to be a higher percentage of millennial voters during the midterms, according to Elite Daily. It should be noted, though, that information concerning the presence of millennial votes was limited.

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While I enjoy English more than math, I am excited to be participating in this class. Math is not something I despise, but I simply find English  more preferable. This semester, I look forward to exploring math further and in a new way!