According to this article, bees can solve the traveling salesman problem. THAT’S RIGHT! NOW THE BEES ARE GOING TO RULE THE WORLD! HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE CAUSE THE BEES ARE COMING TO STING YOU!!!

On a more serious note: this is actually interesting. Studies show that the flight of a bee becomes more efficient over time, and that they are continually optimizing their routes over time, becoming better navigators with each flight,  changing route sequences to improve speed, and becoming adapt to their favorite flights.

Think about how long it took for us to figure out how long it would take for the current fastest supercomputer to brute force-figure out the shortest possible route. Now that was for 100 different locations. Now think about how many flowers there are, and how often bees travel to them. No wonder researchers also say that in the future when your GPS tells you to go left, you may have a bee to thank for that information.

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  1. I found this really cool because bees are flying at their own speed, so if you think about it they have to make sure they fly at that speed everyday or go even faster. It’s also amazing how smart such a tiny brain is. Not only are they mentally aware to always pollinate flowers when it’s in season and to always track down their own home every time they leave. They also can’t ever forget where they are because they have to get back to their hive and create their own routes. If you think even more about it, imagine if you were to sit next to flowers at a certain time everyday, when a bee would come to those flowers, this mean you would see that same bee everyday be because its traveling through its route.

  2. You were right this really wasn’t click bait haha, it was actually really cool. After reading what you wrote it made me wonder if other animals in the animal kingdom follow along this same method of being more efficient after each venture and it turns out a lot of insects and other other animals do this. I found in this article: that animals like ants, and similar other insects like them have use path integration that can help them guide themselves through direct routes of unfamiliar terrain, providing an opportunity to learn visual information. I’m just surprised there were no bee puns in your post!

  3. This is pretty amazing. Bees seem to be pretty mathematical. I recently read an article about how bees understand the concept of zero. They are the only invertebrate to do so. “When the insects were encouraged to fly towards a platform carrying fewer shapes than another one, they apparently recognized “no shapes” as a smaller value than ‘some shapes’.”
    So maybe the bees will take over the world? And maybe humans aren’t the only beings on this planet that understand math. I mean hey, they did solve the traveling salesman problem!

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