wallpaper Patterns

This pattern has 4 rotations, it has a reflection, and there are mirror lines intersecting at 45 degrees, which makes it a p4m wallpaper pattern.

This pattern has 2 rotations, it has both a horizontal and a vertical reflection. This brick layout pattern has symmetry group cmm.

Wallpaper Patterns

It was interesting to see all the different kinds of wallpaper patterns in my house and travels. Once I started looking for wallpaper patterns, I couldn’t stop seeing them everywhere I went!
The wallpaper pattern on this scarf can be rotated once. It has no reflections, but it does have a glide reflection. This classifies it as a pg wallpaper pattern.
The wallpaper pattern created by the lattice can be rotated four times. Since it has reflection and the mirror lines meet at 45 degrees, it is a p4m wallpaper pattern.

Wallpaper Patterns

In this wallpaper we see the (circled in red) pattern of yellow, then orange, then magenta flower(s) repeated throughout the blanket. This pattern has no rotational symmetry or reflective symmetry, How ever it does contain glide reflection (circled in purple). In this glide reflection the pattern is vertically reflected then shifted to the right. This is a pg wallpaper pattern.

In this drawing of a fish we see a wallpaper pattern in the scales of the top most segment of we ignore color and only focus on the part of the fish where the scales are the same size. In this pattern we observe no rotational symmetry. We do see horizontal reflections and glide reflections however. This drawing contains a cm wallpaper pattern.

Wallpaper Patterns

I was surprised at how easy I found wallpaper patterns just around my house. Above is a wallpaper pattern that is on my shower curtain. Rotation order is 2, there are reflections in both directions, and I believe all rotation centers are on mirror lines. This wallpaper pattern is pmm.
This wallpaper pattern was found on a tissue box. Rotation order is 4, there is a reflection, and there are not mirror lines intersecting at 45 degrees. This wallpaper pattern is p4g.

wallpaper patterns

This is a picture of a wallpaper pattern i found in my bedroom. it was actually rather difficult to find a one of these patterns. this pattern is interesting because it has a bunch of symmetry. the pattern can be flipped 180 degrees and it will still be the same. it also has glide reflections. if you look at the black X it and move down a row and over and it will look the same. when the pattern is reflected it still has the same shape, meaning it has reflective symmetry. According to the chart this pattern is a pmm.

This wallpaper pattern i found is actually a wall. As i was walking past a building i noticed that the brick wall has a very simple wallpaper pattern. The pattern of the bricks can be rotated 180 degrees to look the same. It can also be reflected both vertically and horizontally. The brick pattern can also be shifted either up or down and to the left of right to continue the pattern, this is glide refection symmetry. For this pattern the chart determined that it is also a pmm pattern.

Wallpaper Patterns

A skirt in a houndstooth/plaid pattern. This one is hard to tell because of the variations of the pattern and how they connect… for the most part there is no rotation order and no reflections, but there is a glide reflection so I believe this is a pg.
A decorative pillow. There is a rotation order of 2, there is a reflection in two directions, and so I believe this is a pmm.

Wallpaper patterns

This wallpaper pattern has a rotation order of 2. There is a reflection, but only in one direction. Therefore, this is a pmg wallpaper. I think.
This is kind of hard to see since it isn’t flat, but this wallpaper pattern has a rotation order of 2. There is not reflection and no glide reflection. Therefore, it is a p2 wallpaper pattern.

Wallpaper Patterns

This wallpaper pattern is a PM. If you were to draw a line in the middle fo the points it would create a reflection and it can only go around once.
This wallpaper pattern is a P6M. Because this is just dots it has reflection and rotation.