Flying with Math

This month I have been on a plane like 6 different times, doing random vacations, a wedding, music festivals and hanging on the beach/surfing when I can. While escaping these horrible cold weather snowstorms, I was on the plane Monday night coming back from Fort Lauderdale Florida, and I noticed the layout of the land was so symmetrical in a way, and also very organized. When you are driving around on land, you don’t realize how specific architecture (if that is the right word lol) is and how it is laid out. Everything is almost a perfect square, circle, or rectangle when you are in the sky. It is very cool because during the day you can see the green, and the blues in the ocean, and at night you can see all the lights which show the boundaries of land, water and forest pretty clearly. Here are some cool pictures I took at night!! Goes to show when people structure building on land, they really have a method to it. I always thought people paved roads and blew out rocks for highways in random ways…interesting. 🙂

bottom picture is just off the coast of florida (east side), that is Miami you are looking at. You can see the land, and the water is the darkness you see on the left of the land.  The others are pictures of the land I flew over while in South Carolina.

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