Frieze pattern on my curtains!

Today as I looked at the snow melting in my out the window, I noticed the pattern in my curtains.  I can now recognise it as a Frieze pattern! A frieze pattern is a repeating pattern, and is also dubbed as an infinite strip pattern.  My mom must have great taste in symmetry since she picked out these curtains! I wouldnt have thought anything of them before, but thanks to this unit on optical illusions and symmetry, I can now recognise these curtains as a Frieze pattern!

One thought on “Frieze pattern on my curtains!”

  1. I love these curtains! I am actually in the process of trying to pick out new curtains for my room right now, and I notice that I am more drawn to curtains with patterns.

    If you click on the link, it shows another set of curtains (which in my opinion, are really cute) that shows symmetry. There is vertical and horizontal reflection, along with a half turn symmetry.

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