Frieze Pattern

As it turns out, my house has very little patterns.  The closest thing I could find to resemble a Frieze pattern was this pattern on some old piece of clothing.

Taking just a line section of the repeating pattern, I went down the reflection chart.  I figured out there was a vertical reflection, so I followed the chart to figure out that there was also a horizontal reflection.  Having both vertical and horizontal reflections make this pattern a Frieze 7, or F7 pattern.  The picture is crooked so the lines aren’t exactly straight, but I made the vertical and horizontal lines of reflection on the pattern below.

One thought on “Frieze Pattern”

  1. I really liked how you took what we learned in class and applied it to clothing. You saw the patterns and flipped them to see he reflection. Very cool, I also noticed a lot of carpets are like this too.

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