Frieze Patterns in Real Life

Brad Wall


Excursions in Mathematics

I was able to find a frieze pattern today in school by looking at the texture of some chairs. These are the theater style seats in the screening room on the fourth floor.

I notice that this pattern has reflections however, there is not rotational symmetry at all. The dots threw me off when I first looked at it. There is also no glide reflections in this pattern as well. It seems to just be a simple repeating reflection. The reflection repeats over the vertical axis.

3 thoughts on “Frieze Patterns in Real Life”

  1. It’s crazy how we find patterns in things that we use every day. I sat in those same seats every week last semester and never really noticed. I looked up some more example of frieze patterns we see in everyday life and this is what I found.

    This website gives seven types of frieze patterns in everyday objects seen in pictures from multiple areas of the world. Quite a few of them are sculptures, patterns on wall buildings and railings.

  2. That interesting! While I was reading this and looking at the link that was posted I actually realized that I had a similar experience in my old house. We had a set of patterned furniture in our living room and I never realized that the pattern on it was actually a Frieze pattern. We sadly got rid of the furniture when we moved up here but its still cool that I had that and never realized.

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