Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Looking through the internet for this blog, I found some more information on something we briefly discussed in class. Jesse Ventura won the election for governor of Minnesota in 1998 with a plurality of 37 percent. The second and third place candidates received 35 and 28 percent of the vote respectively. However, according to exit polls indicated that almost everyone that voted for the second place candidate had the third place candidate as a second choice, and almost everyone that voted for the third place candidate had the second place candidate as their second choice. This example demonstrates how plurality voting violates the Independence of Irrelevant Alternative(IIA) Criterion. Had either the second or third place candidate not been in the race, it’s likely that third or second place candidate would have won, respectively.

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  1. Great connection to what we discussed in class! So even though Coleman was the second choice and everyone preferred him over both of the candidates he still lost?! I feel kind of bad for the guy because plurality destroyed his chances. I’m sure if they did a different voting method like the one we use now in the U.S. with electoral votes, he would’ve been much more likely to win.

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