How good is Disney’s touring plan?

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After discussing it in class, I decided to look more into Disney’s touring plan. This is one quote i liked about the challenges “The 21 attractions in the Magic Kingdom One-day Touring Plan for Adults have a staggering 51,090,942,171,709,440,000 possible touring plans. That’s over 51 billion billion combinations, or roughly six times as many as the estimated number of grains of sand on Earth.”  This just goes to show how challenging it is to have a successful touring plan.


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  1. Wow, that is a lot of travel route options indeed! I was intrigued at how you mentioned such a quote, and how you replied to it, because it made me think of our discussion in class about an app/website that helps find the best touring plans for Disney theme parks. Looking up the website, I found this link that shows an example of a ‘wait time forecast’: This goes to show that, with the ‘magic’ of technology and scientists, the best touring plans can be found. However, with different numbers of people coming in all of the time, and with different times of the year that tourism is booming, it seems like the best touring plan changes all of the time, which makes it even harder to determine the best ones at a given point. Hopefully, though, with the use of this website, it will be that much easier to have the best day at a Disney theme park with your family and/or friends!

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