How Local Economy is Fueling Accelerating Population Growth

Windsor, Canada is growing at rates that hasn’t been seen in at least two decades. What is causing the growth at such drastic rates? Experts are saying that the lure of a strong economy, affordability, access to the U.S., immigration and secondary immigration from within Canada are the cause.

From July, 2006 to July, 2009, the population decreased or remained the same for 36 consecutive months. It began to rebound in 2011, and the growth rate of the past 16 months is two to three times what the previous seven years produced.

Justin Falconer, senior director at Workforce WindsorEssex, displays a chart showing population change from 2011-16 in the Community Labour Market Plan, Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Dax Melmer / Windsor Star

This growth is extremely important because it isn’t just retirees. It is also young families with lots of children. It looks to grow even more as the agricultural area expands as well as the residential areas.

This growth is a great example of the hunter and the prey analogy that we spoke about in class. As the population grows, so does the work, but once the work is complete, then what happens to the population growth?

Windsor saw this happen in the 80’s when the GM and Ford companies began a tremendous amount of expansion. I hope that Windsor learned from history so that it doesn’t see an even larger recession in the near future.

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