Rosettes In My Room

As I was looking around for some sort of rosette I found it at the most unusual time. I came home from class and lied down on my bed. I looked up and there on my light cover was this design. A perfect example of a rosette, specifically a dihedral. This is an 18 fold with a 20 degree rotation. I found this so fascinating because I never knew that I could mathematically calculate the light in my room! I also never thought I would be using it for an assignment. I just found this interesting because it came to me at a time I wasn’t even looking for it. Here I am simply laying on my bed, and I find a rosette on my ceiling.

What I also find interesting is the Fibonacci Sequence which was mentioned a few times in class. I love the idea of math in nature and how everything can be connected by a simple set of patterns in numbers, yet its so complex at the same time. There was once this show on Netflix all about the Fibonacci sequence and how everything was connected by these numbers. I was watching it but never finished and I can not seem to remember the name of the show either. I tried looking on Netflix and I couldn’t find anything that jogged my memory, so if anyone knows the name of the show I am talking about or happens to stumble upon it feel free to comment. For now I have found this wonderful video that illustrates the Fibonacci Sequence. I am hoping we will spend sometime talking about it in class so I can learn more about it,

and by learning I am hoping others will find it just as interesting as I do.

2 thoughts on “Rosettes In My Room”

  1. I feel the same way since I have a bunch of artwork, posters and pictures in my room that involve rosettes that I never would have noticed had we not discussed them in class. For example, the paisley blanket on my bed has flowers rotating in and out of each other forming 8 fold cyclic pattern. I have always loved this pattern and never really thought about how its appearance connected with math so much.

    With regards to the Fibonacci Sequence, I remember reading a book back in 7th grade about this group of kids that had to find and use the sequence to navigate a house with complex floor plans and rooms. I know that when reading the book, the name escapes me now, that I found it hard to understand but now I see what they were trying to explain. That being that almost everything involves math and that the Fibonacci sequence actually helps make understanding it a lot easier. Though it may just come off as a long sequence of numbers with no meaning, it is a huge part of our lives.

  2. Hey Jamila!
    I have to say, your story made me smile. Kind of cool how life works out in that manner. Of course it can work in the opposite way too where when we’re desperately in need for something, we’re lift in the dirt. But life is complex and works in mysterious ways. Your story was great.

    I find it fascinating and makes me feel as though everything in life is intertwined and one. It’s peaceful and beautiful in it’s own unique and peculiar way.

    I also really love the memes people make out of Fibonacci Sequences. For example,
    ( )

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