M.C. Escher and Math

I think that on some level I always understood that math was in the background, behind especially technical pieces of art. M.C. Escher has always been a favorite of mine and when I was little I would try to make sketches that matched his but could never figure out how he got the proportions right (never mind that my skill never graduated beyond 3rd grade blob bodies). Dr. Plante instantly captured my attention when he put Escher’s artwork on the screen. Math has always irritated me and chafes my ego, but I when he starting connecting Escher to math, I began to see it as a language to communicate placement and detail. A mathematical map that makes distortion possible (with clever shading) and tricks the eye. Escher’s work became more logical to me and I love me some logic. Some might think that looking at his work mathematically diminishes the magic, but I think it enhances it.

Rippled Surface

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  1. I really admired how you thought that the artwork was not made less appealing by understanding it, however making it more enhanced. It is interesting that math and art can work hand in hand because we believe they are so diverse. The M.C. Escher painting was a really good representation of “tricking the mind”. I truly can see now with more visual representation the art of dimensions and how they are used.

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