Rosettes in life

After we had finished class I thought I would pay attention to the different rosettes that may be around me on my walk back to the dorm. As I thought more and more about looking at various things, I noticed there were a lot more than I believed. The first thing I noticed was one of the man holes on the sidewalk. I noticed this one had a honeycomb pattern if you will, but it has writing in the middle. So if the writing wasn’t there it could be rotated twice, once 180 degrees and then the full 360. It also can be mirrored once if you roughly go vertically between the two holes. This would make it a dihedral 2

I also looked at car rims because the patterns are usually the same throughout the whole rim. The thing that was stopping them from being a rosette was the logo’s in the middle. That lead me to think about the various car logos that I know. Here is a small list of the few that would work. Mercedes, Audi, Mitsubishi, I believe Hyundai, and BMW. This rim would be a dihedral 3 because it has three lines of reflection using the Mercedes logo as the point of reflection.

2 thoughts on “Rosettes in life”

  1. It’s interesting how common rosettes are. More common than I thought! You found very relatable examples such as the pattern in the bricks and the rims. Since cars are everywhere, it had me thinking of the fact that we are always surrounded by some form of rosettes. It’s pretty neat to think about. Another example of a rosette are galaxies in space. Though galaxies aren’t the most perfect rosettes, they stand their ground. Or in this case, space.

  2. That manhole cover is actually really beautiful! I feel like I don’t usually see them that aesthetically pleasing . While you were talking about car logos, it had be thinking of other companies whose logos are symmetrical. For example: Mazda, Infiniti, Toyota, Honda, Dodge, Volkswagen, Citroen, Lincoln, Acura. the list is actually REALLY long. Like Dr. Plante said, humans like symmetry!

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