Rosettes you can eat!

Have you ever wanted to eat a rosette? Well, now you can! With some searching on the web, I have found that rosettes not only form in nature, but in the kitchen! The IOWA Public television station made cookies that were in the shape of rosettes. The ones being made in the video (Located below) are dihedral and have a rotational symmetry. It is very much like the snowflakes made in class. They represent snowflakes for the holiday usually made by families and other cooking experts. They seems to represent more than three lines of symmetry and have a horizontal and vertical line of symmetry within the cookie.

Here is the video to watch how to make them!

Mathematics in Art!

Throughout class, we have examined the comparisons of math and the visual arts, however there are other forms of art that go together with mathematics. Dance, theater, music, etc. all have various forms of dimensions and mathematics, more than you would think! For a specific example, the dance arts. Being a fan of “America’s Got Talent” a group called ‘Freelusion’ was one of my favorites a couple years ago. This was due to their play on illusions while dancing. This was due of course to special effects on the screen accompanying their dance routine.
After looking into it, their play on the dimensions were by of course counting their steps to perfection. (This of course includes math), also by playing around with tricking the mind. In class, we examined reflections with cylinders that can easily trick the mind, how it lines in the reflection look bent instead of straight. With this in mind, dance groups have been doing the same thing using shapes, formed by lights. These shapes are used to fool the audience into thinking the dancers are within the shapes themselves. Thus, also giving us the illusion of a different perspective using math and how these two subjects can make a masterpiece.

Here is the link if you want to watch it, it is pretty cool!

First post!

Hello! I am Jillian Casavant and I am a Junior here at UNH. I transferred from Plymouth and I am an English major. So, I am a bit of a book nerd.
Mathematics always scared me a bit when taking a class under this subject! However, I have always found different topics within math very interesting. This includes what we learned in class such as playing around with illusions or dimensions. I’m excited to learn more within math in this class this semester that might not be all too scary!