Rosettes all around!

As I walk back to my dorm, I look around and think to myself “Where could I possible find an object or picture that would be a good representation of what I am trying to find for math class?” I remained stumped and got back to my dorm… I look around and right in front of me is a fan. Something that is used in every day lives that’s perfect for this. There is literally art and math around us everyday and we fail to see it until we are forced to. The fan is a cyclic rosette because of the direction of the plastic waves. They are going counterclockwise which means when reflected, they would be going clockwise with a 30 fold center.

Math 444

Finally getting a chance to write in the blog! IT has been fixing my log in information and it is finally fixed. I’m nervous for this class because math has never been my strong suit but we’ll see how it goes!

Nikita Scraggs-Kitchin