Inheritance Denial

Oftentimes, we assume inheritances as sums of money that, while taxed, are smoothly transferred from one party to another. In truth, this is not always the case. As years go on, a growing issue in America is what is sometimes called “inheritance denial.” This is the practice of one’s inheritance being held away from them or not transferred properly. This can lead to a lessened sum inheritance, or a total lack of reception from the inheriting party.

To put it simply, this is seriously wrong. Most inheritances are a result of a family loss, and to deny the wishes of those past is morally abhorrent. Inheritance taxes are already very high, and to add insult to injury by adding unnecessary barriers to reception is just not right. An inheritance is not something that should have to be fought for or denied.

However, it is very difficult to devise a functional solution to this problem. I would like to believe that it can be fixed eventually, as inheritances should never be denied to their rightful recipients, but, unfortunately, I am not hopeful. Maybe someday we can act in a moral manner rather than one determined by greed.

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