Istvan Orosz an Illusionist Painter.

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I did some research of mathematical artists and found some work by a guy named Istvan Orosz. Orosz is an man who was born in Hungary in 1951, and creates paintings that are filled with illusions. I thought the never ending staircases shown in class were cool so I enjoyed seeing further application of that type of art done by this man.

From what I have read and seen, Orosz is like a more modern-day MC. Escher who had a similar style of art.

Here are some of his works on Pinterest:

Istvan Orosz

Info On the Artist:





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  1. After viewing a lot of his work from the Pinterest link you provided I noticed that many of his pieces included a face or was part of some type of facial artwork some even being skulls. Many of them you could not see at a glance but the more time you take to observe the pieces the more that seems to pop out at you. I feel like many common illusions of face art may have originated form his work similar to ones like these :
    But out of all the art seen I do believe Orosz is one of the most spectacular modern day artists.

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