Millennial Voting

The reign of the largest voting group, the baby boomers,  was overthrown by the infamous millennials in 2018. According to CNN’s article, “Millennials to pass baby boomers as largest voter-eligible age group, and what it means”, the baby boomer’s voting dynasty existed for four decades.

However, the CNN article stated that the millennials, though superior in numbers, were not as inclined to vote as the baby boomers as of 2017. FactTank backed up this claim, saying that baby boomers tended to vote more than millennials at the same age.

Source: FactTank

Before the 2018 midterm elections, it was projected by USA Today’s poll that only 31% of millennials were planning on voting. The article stated that the remainder felt uncertain whether they would vote, or were too uninformed.

Ultimately, there seemed to be a higher percentage of millennial voters during the midterms, according to Elite Daily. It should be noted, though, that information concerning the presence of millennial votes was limited.

USA Today:


Elite Daily:                                                                                   

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  1. Hey, Lauren. This was very interesting, I didn’t know that only 31% of millennials were planning to vote in the midterm elections. I would think this would be a higher number. I looked more into the USA Today article (even though it was low key informal) and I was surprised to see that 7% of millennials were planning on not voting at all in the midterm elections.

  2. Im shocked that in light of recent changes it is only 31%. I am curious to see if the percentage of baby boomers vs millennials voting effects outcomes of voting. Obviously, not everyone in those generations votes the same way. It would be interesting if the percentage of millennial voting changes the outcome of an election in any dramatic way.

  3. Hey Lauren,

    I found this to be a very interesting post about voting! The statistics were not surprising to me, however because I have definitely noticed that a lot of people my age do not vote. I have not voted recently because I do not feel informed enough about the candidates to vote which seems to be a common trend that you pointed out here in your post. I hope that the amount of millennials choosing to vote continues to rise because it is important that the final result is decided by a large variety of age groups and genders.

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