Mirrors and Illusions in Batman: The Animated Series

Hopefully what Batman would think of this blog post!

One of my favorite shows as a kid in the 90s was Batman: The Animated Series. A wonderful show that went all out to show why Batman is one of the most interesting (though I’d argue least effective) superheroes.

The episode “Baby-Doll” plays with the themes of illusions and mirrors and even today has great emotional weight to it. The episode concerns a washed-up actress who suffers from hypopituitarism and thus has not been able to grow up in size despite being a “full-grown” adult.

The actress is jealous of her former co-stars success and decides to kidnap them, when Batman comes in to rescue them, with the help of Robin. While Robin is trying to get the co-stars out from a trap, Batman is led into a fun house with mirrors and illusions.

Below we have a particularly effective emotional scene that says a lot about Baby-Doll as a character without saying anything at all. And it’s all done through the use of mirrors and illusion!

The whole episode (and series) is worth watching!

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  1. It is interesting to relate self image to illusion. Watching this clip made me relate our current media to this. Photographers can use illusion and photoshopping to skew the way images look and seem. I never really thought of the math that went into this, but there is obviously some there. I know this does not directly relate to your post, but it made me realize how math goes into different things in the beauty world. Mirrors, photoshop, makeup, personal care products, etc. Math is found everywhere.

    Back to your topic, I have gone through one of those mirror mazes once or twice and it is especially easy to get lost and feel like your trapped in the maze. You start walking one way, but come to a dead end. The illusion looks and feels so real that you end up walking into mirrors (at least I did).

    Taking a closer look at the different types of illusions has made me realize that illusions are everywhere, we just do not alway notice them!

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