“Odd Vermont”

Vermont is a liberal state and with the past three elections always voted within the democratic party lines. Our U.S. Senators and Congressman are all democrats, and currently the Vermont State house is ruled by the democratic party. We were one of the first states to legalize gay marriage and the very first state to legalize recreation marijuana without any state tax. However, Vermont for the past two elections voted in a republican for their governor.

Gov. Phil Scott has won back to back elections going against democrats and independent candidates. Vermont is a very progressive state, so progressive it almost made history with one of the first states with a transgender governor. Yet, this die hard blue state decided to elect for a second term a republican governor.

Vermont hasn’t always been a blue state! Our capital dome is gold because President Calvin Coolidge who was a republican was from Vermont. Yet within the last 50 years Vermont switched from republican to democrat. ┬áVermont was one of two states, Maine being the other, within the Union who did not vote for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Fast forward to last two presidential elections, vote casted their votes for President Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.

Vermont uses the Plurality method when choosing the governors. Using the plurality method helps candidates in minor parties for state wide office because it’s easier for voters in the entire state to recognize candidates in both parties rather than minority party candidates in local election. Even in highly partisan states such as Vermont or Massachusetts, the minority party is more competitive in state wide elections instead of congressional or local elections.



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