Origami Street Art

Like those who have posted below me, this post is going to be about origami.  I enjoyed the activity we did in class on Thursday, even if it was actually super difficult getting those pieces to fit together and make perfect folds on one piece of paper.  This inspired me to think bigger, more inventive ideas of origami.  Upon a search on Google, I found origami street art, and more specifically, Mademoiselle Maurice.

  1. Mademoiselle Maurice makes her art in the streets instead of museums, and the art she creates is amazing.  She started her life as an artist after the 2011 Japan earthquake, and here is a link to her website. http://www.mademoisellemaurice.com/en/creations/spectre-bis-repetita/
  2. Here is a link to one post I found on a piece of art in France. Pictures are below if you don’t wish to read the article.  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/06/new-origami-street-art-in-angers-france-by-mademoiselle-maurice/ Not just an art for Mademoiselle Maurice, origami street art is reaching other audiences too.  In 2015, a wall in Romania was covered with origami structures to promote the no hate movement.This concept to street origami art is similar to stain glass windows- they share similar patterns and color schemes.  More and more street artists are exploring this style of math and art, brightening up Europe and Asia in particular.

2 thoughts on “Origami Street Art”

  1. This is incredible! Those pieces of art are absolutely stunning, and honestly put our pieces made during class to shame. It’s always amazed me, what people can create. While these artworks looked like they were made by one person, they clearly took a long time, and had to be made piece by piece. With this in mind, it is kind of similar to what we did in class, in that we all made a piece of the artwork, and had to put them together one at a time in order to make the whole piece. Being able to make such beautiful things creates a feeling of pride in the creator, and the fact that, in this case, math was used, just shows that math isn’t just about concrete, objective facts. It can also be creative and even beautiful.

  2. This is super cool! It happened to remind me of a couple episodes of the show Trading Spaces (it’s a little old school, I know). All of the time the designers would come up with weird and wacky ways for you to theme and decorate the room of the person you swapped with. In one of the episodes, one of the designers made and purchased origami flowers and covered a very large amount of the wall with them. I don’t think that the owners were very fond of the theme, but it turned out pretty cool. In another one, they made complex snowflakes that they had made to make the room look like a winter wonderland.
    Here is a link to the 13 worst rooms the show has put together. https://www.thewrap.com/13-worst-trading-spaces-designs-sob-inducing-fireplace-straw-covered-walls-photos/

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