strange tax facts

As I was reading more about taxes, I came across some interesting facts. Some of them are still in place today, while others got cut – probably do to their foolishness. A few I found funny was:

  1. In England there is a tax on televisions. Color televisions are taxed more than black and white televisions, and if a blind person has a television they only have to pay half the tax.

I think this is funny, obviously black and white TV’s are going to be the “basic” route, color is a little more money and a blind person has to pay half- since they get half the sensory out of it; audio.

2. In an effort to keep citizens healthy, France imposed a “soda tax” on all carbonated soft drinks in 2012. They’re now about 3.5% more expensive than other drinks.

I agree with this, and in hopes to make the countries healthier, soda should be taxed higher. Maybe it would deviate people away from it, while saving money and their health. But also because sugar is looked at as an addiction in some cases,  its also smart for the government to make more money, knowing people will still buy it because they are hooked. In some ways, taxing can be used in strategic ways based on human behavior!

Weird Taxes

Let’s face it, taxes can be a boring, painful experience. This is why I have decided to focus my post on some of the weirder taxes out there. I’m picking out the ones that I thought were interesting, but I am leaving the link in case you guys want to take a peek.

  1. Illinois has a very strange candy tax. The state has a 5% candy tax on top of the 1% food tax, but if flour was used to make the candy, it is just considered an “ordinary food” and is only taxed at the 1% rate. This means that you would pay the extra 5% for M&M’s, but not a KitKat bar.
  2. Colorado considers coffee cup lids to be “nonessential,” and there is a 2.9% sales tax if you want a lid on your cup.
  3. The state of Nevada gives out a free deck of cards when a tax return is filed.
  4. The state of Alabama has a 10% tax on cards decks with 54 or fewer cards.
  5. If you want vending machine fruit in California, there will be a 33% sales tax on it. You will not have to pay that if you buy the fruit at the grocery store.

Hope you enjoyed these facts! The link to these facts is right below!

Link to these facts: