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Math wasn’t ever my favorite subject in high school. Although I got the concepts, math wasn’t that interesting to me.

What I am Excited about in Math

Hi everyone! When I think about math I usually become somewhat excited, although I do not allways love the tedious aspects of the subject. I do however, love the problem solving and critical thinking side of math. For example, Physics class uses math to solve real world problems. That’s very exciting and interesting.

A little bit about me is that I am a filmmaker. Movies excite me with wonder and transport me to other worlds. I would love to integrate real mathematics and science into the films that I create to give the worlds I manifest in my stories more depth and solidly. Also, I want to do this becuase it would be pretty cool.


Robbie Skaff

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Not to brag or anything but, math was never my strongest subject. However, I have been told by fellow students that this class will help me demolish my extreme fear of math. will I conquer my fear of math or will math conquer me?!

Stay tuned to find out!

First Blog Post

Hello everyone!

I really enjoy math and have to use math everyday while at work! Although I have already completed all of my math courses for my major, I am taking this class because I need a math elective for graduate school. I haven’t taken a math class in over 3 years so I hope it is easy for me to transition into this class!

1st Post (MATH 444)

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this Saturday. I’ve never been very good at math, but I did do well in a probability and statistics class recently, so maybe that’s changed.

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Hey everyone! I am not a huge fan of math but I am excited for this course because it looks as if we will be learning information that can be applied to everyday life.



While I enjoy English more than math, I am excited to be participating in this class. Math is not something I despise, but I simply find English  more preferable. This semester, I look forward to exploring math further and in a new way!


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I am not a huge fan of math. I never have been. I am hoping that this class helps me 1) get the credit I need to be done with math (sorry) and 2) maybe give me a better outlook on math in general. I mean the homepage is kinda cool, sorta, maybe.