Populations in Coral Reefs

All of the coral reefs combined is less than 1% of the oceans environment but yet it is home to more than any environment that the ocean has to offer. Coral reefs has 25% of all marine life living in them about 2 million species. Compared to the rainforest that only have 10% of terrestrial animals. But within the last 30 years 50% of coral reefs have disappeared.

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People depend on the coral reefs for a multitude of things. 1/5 of protein consumed is from seafood. The coral reef fishery is a billion dollar industry. About one billion people eat fish as their main source of protein. 1/8 of the world’s population live near coral reefs.

Even in medicine. Scientist are 400% more likely to find new drugs in coral reefs. Treatments for cancer and HIV is found in coral reefs. Coral reefs is a big industry for tourism as it brings in 3 billion dollars in Florida alone. Coral reefs brings in 30 billion dollars each year.

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  1. Hi Brayan,

    Very interesting post! I had no idea that coral reefs made up less than 1% of the oceans environment. In class we have learned about population growth but not about decrease in populations which you are talking about here. It would be interesting to gather the required data to calculate the rate coral reefs are disappearing at and how that would affect the coral reef fishery industry. Situations such as this just go to show that small changes in an environment can have a large impact and are connected to many other ecosystems and living beings.

  2. Hi Brayan,

    Coral reefs are a very important ecosystem and sadly due to climate change the populations are declining all over the world. Bleaching is a term used to describe the decline of corals because they do not have enough nutrients and therefore turn white and are no longer food for fish causing fish populations to decline as well. This could be caused by sea levels rising, causing less sunlight for the reefs since they live in shallow water and thrive off of sunlight. Over spring break I had the opportunity to go to Belize with Dr. Halpin to do research and part of our research was to look at the populations and different kind of corals in the barrier reef in Placencia, Belize. In the reef that we visited there were wasn’t bleaching, it was filled with beautiful colors and many beautiful fish feeding and living within the reefs. Part of our research is to look deeper on why there isn’t much bleaching in Belize but there is in other places!
    Side note: I find it interesting that people don’t realize coral reefs are living animals. Although that have roots and stay in one place, they do not make their own food like plants do. They have tentacles that capture their food (algae).

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