Real World Symmetry

I was thinking about what I could post about this week and decided to try and find some cool pictures of symmetry in photography. While I was looking I found this really interesting picture of a tower that has most of the types of symmetry in it.

While also just being a cool picture, this tower has both types of reflective symmetry, over the horizontal and vertical axis. It also has 180 degree rotational symmetry. The power lines at the top of the tower threw me off a little bit because I thought they broke the symmetry, but it seems like even they are symmetrical. I just thought this was a pretty cool picture and wanted to share it with you all.

4 thoughts on “Real World Symmetry”

  1. That is a sweet angle! I can totally see all the symmetry you’re talking about. It’s crazy to think all the different ways an object can have symmetry. Looking at a tower like that (Im assuming its for power lines because that’s what it looks like) offers one view of symmetry. Looking at that tower from the side I would imagine would give you a good example of vertical symmetry! It’s also worth noting that without all the perfect symmetry involved in power lines like that, they would probably be way off balanced and dangerous in the case that they might fall over! wow symmetry is important.

  2. I liked your idea of finding symmetry in the tower, and it got me curious as to symmetry in architecture, not just architecture in photography. I found this website that goes into crazy detail on the subject: . But in regards to your picture, I think if you were to look at it from any angle, you would find obvious symmetry in it. Having all the sides be identical helps, but it is interesting that the power lines also conform to the rules of symmetry in the picture. It’d be interesting if you knew what the tower was called and could find multiple pictures from different angles on it.

  3. I love the photo! When I saw this post I was inspired to look up some photography as well, so I went on this website and found some awesome photos that represent symmetry.
    This portrayal of the eye (I cannot stop staring into the eyeball, it’s eerie yet I can’t believe that this was based off of a photo) represents rotational symmetry, because the eyes central origin is where we can rotate it.

    This website has a couple of really interesting “gifs” that represent different kinds of rational symmetry. Enjoy!

  4. Your post is amazing. Symmetry exists all around us. There are so many examples of symmetry for example, our body, buildings, animals, etc. In architecture, symmetry is the reflection of shared forms, shapes, or angles across a central line or point called the axis. The components that mirror each other across an axis are symmetrical.

    An example of symmetry in architecture is the Taj Mahal in India. Taj Mahal is supposed to be the largest symmetrical building of the world. It is believed that the balance of this symmetrical building is maintained by every part of the complex, from the pillars to the gardens. The complete symmetry on all the four sides creates a charming mirror image on each side.

    Please check out the link below for more information:

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