Rosettes in Nature

Something I find really fascinating about rosettes is that they, like many mathematical shapes, can be found in nature. A great example of that is the difference between jaguars and leopards. Aside from the physical differences in the builds of the cats, with jaguars being stockier and slightly larger overall, their markings are different kinds of rosettes.


As you can see with this jaguar, its body is covered in black rosettes over a golden-tan coat for camouflage. Said rosettes are comprised of dots forming a circle, within which there is always at least one dot, sometimes more.


As you can see with this leopard, it also has black rosettes over a golden-tan coat, but its rosettes are smaller, but, more importantly, comprised of circles of dots, without anything in the center. Being able to see the differences in these rosettes is very helpful in distinguishing between these two species, and being able to spot natural rosettes and other kinds of designs can be helpful in distinguishing differences between numerous species, all over the world.

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