Spheres in Artwork!

In a German studio, Olafur Eliasson crafts geometric shapes that have been shocking Europeans for over fifteen years. His artwork is bizarre and reflects all different types of spheres with five fold symmetry. His most eminent pieces hang above viewers heads so they can see all the lines of symmetry and all the dimensions. Loafer has an obsession with the shadows that the spheres create. Also, with the reflections the spheres cast out on the walls around the artwork. The name for these lines are Amman lines, in which can be seen from outside the window near the artwork, in addition to the surrounding places around the piece. Here are some of his pieces created in the early 2000’s.

The lines casted out by the sphere are shown through the reflections, which are very scattered, bent, and curved to that of the geometric sphere. It is bizarre to think that reflections have a lot to do with the lines that each shape casts out (straight or bent).

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