Symmetry You Can Eat

After searching through some different ideas for dihedral figures, I came across this cool concept in cookie making known as “Swedish Rosettes.” These cookies are made with a special iron that forms the dough into beautiful dihedral shapes that you can eat!

These look almost to perfect to be eaten. This image from Betty Crocker’s website features dihedral 8 cookies fresh out of the oven. They are extremely easy to make (short ingredient list) and the site even adds a chocolate glaze recipe to add on top! This is without a doubt my favorite new trend-math concepts in food!

If you’re interested in baking these (I most certainly am) I’ll place some links below as to where you can find the recipes to make them! The irons can be found just about anywhere, including Amazon and Walmart, and there are thousands of different dihedral shapes to choose from. Would anyone mind if I make a batch and bring it to a future class?

One thought on “Symmetry You Can Eat”

  1. When I was skimming down the posts, I saw these pictures and thought of those mini waffles Eggo makes. It got me thinking about waffle presses and how we turn liquid into perfect symmetry. That’s pretty incredible to me. Like how you said, such a simple concept (or a simple recipe as you had stated) can muster such incredible results. To answer your question above, please bring some of these to class! I’d be incredibly interested to see these in person. I don’t even think I’d eat mine. I’d be too mesmerized!

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