Since 2001 there has been more than 4,500 changes to the tax codes, with some of these adjustments working in the tax payers favor. With all these changes can come more complications for the math being done during taxes, and more room for error to be done in the numbers. Although less than 1% of tax returns get audited, there are still some cases that the IRS does catch. Even if you do end up getting audited over 75% of cases are done via email, so you never have the in person IRS inspection on your taxes. With this higher earners are more likley to get audited then middle class and lower class.

Why do people get audited? Number one reason people get audited is because of the issues done within their math. If you decide to do your taxes on your own, make sure you double and triple check your work to make sure there is zero room for error. Most people recomend either going to a specilist in taxes or getting a software for your taxes. Another way to get audited is when your taxes are nice round and neat numbers. Most forms are not simple and most expensese are not one flat number, so that is big red flag when it comes to the IRS checking taxes. When doing taxes there is not guessing at numbers and there needs to be nice precise numbers that are not rounded or estimated.

7 Reasons the IRS Will Audit You

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