The Butterfly Effect

I’m fairly certain that we spoke about the Butterfly Effect film in class either this past week or the week before; but I feel that it’s a pretty cool film as well as general theory. If you guys don’t recall what it is, it essentially follows the idea that, “small causes can have larger effects.” Meaning that all the small choices in life, or occurrences or as the Wikipedia article I’m quoting said, “causes” can drastically effect an ultimate outcome. The theory itself is interesting to look at from a perspective of regular life. If you get in your car and drive to class, or talk to one individual you pass by, it can change things drastically. Perhaps you get into a car accident and become paralyzed from the waist down, or maybe the person you talk to ends up becoming your soul mate who you spend the rest of your life together with.

More specifically, the Butterfly effect theory is used both in weather patterns, (especially with the formation of tornadoes,) and in quantum mechanics.

It is also subject to two mediocre films. The second of which I included a poster of. It’s an absolutely dog doodoo movie, but funny to watch with friends if you’re into film or critiquing.

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