The living Fossils

Now that 1,864 is the estimated minimum population of pandas, pandas are not endangered anymore. The number increased over the past decade by 16.8% and the geographic range of giant pandas increased by 11.8% since 2003.

How does this compare to past figures? 

 -The first survey from 1970 Ford is 1977 evaluated that there were 2,459 giant pandas in the wild.

– The second survey from 1985 to 1988 estimated that there were 1,114 giant pandas in the wild.  

Finally, the hard work of the Chinese government, the nature staff and the WWF is paying off.

Why were pandas initially endangered?

– Pandas eat 40 kilograms of bamboo daily and it is covered in cellulose that is hard to digest.

– Baby pandas are 150 grams when they are born which results in them dying because they have a weak immune system and their mothers sit on them occasionally because they are very small and unnoticeable.

-Female pandas ovulate for only 48 hours a year.

I have inserted a link to the WWF for some additional information about pandas.

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