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This is a comment for Ashley’s post. I think some comment sections aren’t working. Ashley wrote The Instant Runoff Voting post. She asked, “What do you guys think about ranked-choice voting? Do you think it’s better than the current system used in the United States?”

My response to that is, The US uses a form of the Runoff method to see who wins the votes. The rank-choice voting, which I believe is based on who you would pick 1st, 2nd, and so on, is based of popularity and who is favored more. And just like any method of voting there can always be different results depending on the candidate(s) chosen.  I think that ranked-choice voting would be a good way to see who is popular in a particular setting, maybe to see who should still be in the race. But, I don’t think that ranked-choice is better than what the US used, rather another form of voting to get an idea of who should be a candidate and who would most likely win. Like I mentioned before, each method would come with a different outcome.

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