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Imagine you’re about to go house shopping for your dream house. Nice two story colonial, three bedroom,  two bathrooms, beautiful cathedral ceilings with and every morning you wake up to see the sun rising over the beautiful Crotched Mountain.  You’ve done the math, you can just barely afford this beautiful family home with a view and you’re just about to sign the papers when your realtor tells you about this not so amazing thing called a view tax. A view tax is a yearly tax added onto property taxes that have a view or  pleasing surrounding landscape. For a man in Oxford, N.H. his beautiful views surrounding his country farm raises his homes value by about seven times. With everyone wanting a “house with a view” this gives towns an incentive to add taxes onto certain properties knowing that people will pay the extra money to have a pleasing view. This causes problems for families and households who want that dream home but are on a tight budget.



The Aesthetically Pleasing View Tax

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  1. I liked how you told a story with your post, it really put into perspective how annoying/damaging these view taxes can be. I was also unaware that these can raise a home’s value by seven times, which is just outrageous. Cool post!

  2. Very interesting. The increase in home value in areas with desirable views (and view taxes) can certainly be a hindrance to a family wanting to purchase a home in a nice, scenic area. This makes me think of places in NH like Pittsburgh, where home values are relatively low (except for those homes directly on one of the main lakes). Currently, I don’t believe a view tax has been implemented in this particular region of the state, but, as the population, infrastructure, and amenities grow, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a view tax up there. This would be bad news for the locals, as the region has a relatively low income compared to other areas of the state.

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