Voting Has Roots Going All The Way Back To Ancient Greece!

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Going back into the history of voting, the first voting method to be on record is the majority method, and it was most notably used in the Greek city-state of Athens, where men above the age of 18 went to a specific place called Pnyx hill and used pebbles and recording tablets to make their democratic decisions. I think this article is not only interesting because of it’s historical roots to voting and showing of just how old the idea of taking votes really is, but it also shows the importance of the majority method, especially in very democratic countries (I’m looking at you, U.S.).

                                              Greek men placing votes

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  1. This is interesting. Voting has been an important aspect in society for a very long time. Understanding the different methods helps us to understand more about different societies and how they chose leaders. I think understanding the voting methods we use in the United States is extremely important. It seems as though many people were upset about how we vote after our previous presidential election took place; it also seems as though these same people were not upset when it helped their favored candidate win. It is interesting that people blame voting methods when the outcome does not favor their desired opponent. I mean no disrespect by this comment; since you brought it up I just wanted to give you my opinion on the matter, and I believe it relates well to what we learned in class– there is no perfect voting method, so whichever one we end up using, odds are someone will disagree with it.

    Great post Julia!

  2. Wow, that is pretty cool. When looking at all the different voting methods, the majority method does make the most sense to use. Plus it seems like it would be the most fair. It is funny to think that they used stones back then to tally up who voted for who, but I guess for the time period and resources that makes the most sense. After everything we learned in class I don’t know anymore which voting method is the best one, but majority just seems like the simplest one. Like why wouldn’t the person who got the most votes overall win? Even people all the way back in ancient Greece used the majority method.

  3. I love the point you bring up here, and not just because I love Greek history. I guess we can all agree that the majority method made the most sense at this time due to what resources they had. The majority method is also how most people would expect a person to win; they would just assume whoever has the most votes shall win.

  4. Majority method was the standard of voting. It is the most simplest way to vote but in my opinion the best way to vote is to rank candidates so that every ones total option in included in something that effects their lives a lot such as a new leader.

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