Voting Tendencies in New Hampshire

For New Hampshire, who people votes on seems to be based on two things, age and where the person has lived during their life. This following charts are based on the “young” population or people who turned eighteen after the year 2008. The “migrant” population is people who have moved to New Hampshire after 2008. Lastly, the “established voters” are people who have lived in New Hampshire in 2008 and 2016.  45% of voters in New Hampshire are “young” voters who are more likely to vote democrat than the 42% of “migrants” or the 41% of “established voters”. Although, the majority (39%) of “established voters” vote republican compared to 38% of “migrant” voters and 33% of “young” voters.

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  1. That’s fascinating how age and where the person grew up effect how a person votes. Some other factors that affect a person’s voting is disability. I found in the article below that if people with disabilities voted in 2016, there would have been approximately 3 million more votes.

    People with disabilities voting tendencies can be narrowed down into 5 categories: Disability Diagnosis, Communication Method, Decision-Making Authority, Residence Type and Size, and the Barriers, Supports and Organizations.

    In the Residence Type and Size section, I found it particularly interesting was how people in larger families tend not to vote as much as smaller families.

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