wallpaper patterns

This is a picture of a wallpaper pattern i found in my bedroom. it was actually rather difficult to find a one of these patterns. this pattern is interesting because it has a bunch of symmetry. the pattern can be flipped 180 degrees and it will still be the same. it also has glide reflections. if you look at the black X it and move down a row and over and it will look the same. when the pattern is reflected it still has the same shape, meaning it has reflective symmetry. According to the chart this pattern is a pmm.

This wallpaper pattern i found is actually a wall. As i was walking past a building i noticed that the brick wall has a very simple wallpaper pattern. The pattern of the bricks can be rotated 180 degrees to look the same. It can also be reflected both vertically and horizontally. The brick pattern can also be shifted either up or down and to the left of right to continue the pattern, this is glide refection symmetry. For this pattern the chart determined that it is also a pmm pattern.

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