What if a polygon has 179 degree angles?

During class on Thursday, we talked for a moment about the angle measurements for numerous shapes, such as hexagons and octagons.  We did an activity where we had to find out the angle measurements of a pentagon using triangles, with the knowledge that there is 180 degrees in a triangle.  I heard chatter about the maximum degrees of an angle, which inspired this post’s main question: How many sides are on a polygon with 179 degree angles?

After some research online, I discovered that we can find the measure of the exterior angles if we have the measure of the angles.  To do this, just subtract the angle measurement (179) from the straight line measurement (180).  This leaves us with 180-179=1 .  If each exterior angle represented a 1 degree shift, then to meet back at the starting point, there would have to be 360 sides on the polygon! Isn’t this nuts here’s an example of what it looks like:

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