What if there are no heirs.

In a case where the person has no immediate family member such as a spouse, children, cousins, parents, or siblings any inheritance will go to distant relatives like second cousins. If there is a stepchild but the person that died had no will then distant relatives will have the majority of the inherence. This is true in most states. If there aren’t any family members to leave the inherence to then the government will simply take the money and distribute the money to several government programs and departments.

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An example of this happened to a 97 year old man who died in 2013 with no heirs. He left about $40 million dollars worth of real estate. Now all of that money went to the state of New York. In 2017 around $227 million dollars was left to the government in Europe alone.

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  1. Brayan,
    I have heard something about this before. My mother told me a story about her grandfather having a bank account that no one knew about and my grandmother causal said they use to bank at a certain branch… while my mother asked if they still had an account to which my grandmother responded that she did not know. Long story short, they did have an old bank account with a lot of money and the bank was going to close the account and hand the funds over the New Jersey State. I just hope the states that do collect unclaimed inheritance use the money for good like education, or meals on wheels or something to that nature.

  2. Interesting! Its rather sad, but it makes sense.

    However, according to the website below, you can sometimes request unclaimed money from the government. While this article wasn’t speaking to unclaimed money from a will necessarily, if you were an unknown immediate family member and discovered there was inheritance that the government had claimed, you could potentially reclaim it. Or, as in the example that Cooper gave, if family didn’t know that there was money and lost it, they might be able to get it back.


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